"Lass is More" Interviews "Walter" Director Anna Mastro

Today, “Lass is More” has an interview with first time feature film director Anna Mastro. Her movie, “Walter,” stars Andrew J. West and is currently playing in select cities and VOD.

As I say in the opening of the interview, you will find some slight spoilers about the movie if you listen to the interview, but nothing that I think is truly detrimental to one’s enjoyment of the film. And, if you avoid the interview due to those slight spoilers, swell, you’ll miss out. The interview focuses heavily on what brought Mastro to directing, and what her experiences were as a first time director, and I think offers some interesting insights.

We will, naturally, be back with another “Lass is More” in the not-too-distant future and encourage all questions and comments to be sent to us at lassismore.podcast@gmail.com

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