Movie Review: “Tomb Raider”

At the opening of the new “Tomb Raider” film, our heroine, Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander), gets beaten quite badly while sparring in the ring.¬† The scene is poorly shot, with quick cuts and a bouncing camera that make it difficult to discern exactly what is taking place outside of Lara losing.¬†Beyond that, however, it lets… Read More

Movie Review: "Jason Bourne"

Imagine, if you will, our hero, a superspy who just wants to learn the truth. He doesn’t know all of his own history and every time he learns something new, the world around him crumbles just a little bit more. But now, now is his chance to finally get the answers he deserves. All he… Read More

"Ex Machina" — A Good Movie Which Earned Greatness it did not Achieve

Some films you can watch and then forget about between leaving the theater and arriving home. Others stick with you, they make you think, they make you wonder, and they desperately make you want to see them again. It was about a week ago that I saw writer-director Alex Garland’s “Ex Machina.” If you had… Read More

Interviews Revisited and why a 15 Minute Interview is Easier than a Four Minute One

A while back, I wrote a piece on doing on-camera junket interviews, and my experiences with them. Since then, I have done several longer interviews, and consequently I’ve been comparing the experiences. For the on-camera interviews, usually, I have gotten something on the order of four minutes Maybe a little bit more, maybe a little… Read More