Is There an Upside to “Downsizing?”

Alexander Payne’s “Downsizing” arrives on Blu-ray this week and with that arrival we have some important questions to ask.  Chief amongst these is why exactly does the film take a sharp turn to the bad after it starts off so well? The answer to that may be obvious, but it is a question worth asking… Read More

Director Rachel Israel on her Process with “Keep the Change”

Today’s “Lass is More” podcast features a discussion with Rachel Israel, the writer and director of “Keep the Change,” which is out in New York this week and L.A. next week.  The film centers on people with autism and her cast features people with autism as well.  The director talks to us about her process,… Read More

Movie Review: “Gringo” (2018)

It would be very easy to nitpick “Gringo,” the new comedy directed by Nash Edgerton with a script from Anthony Tambakis and Matthew Stone.  After all, plenty of scenes don’t work, there are more coincidences than one can shake a stick at, and much of the cast looks faintly bored.  However, nitpicking the film in… Read More

Richard Levine Talks “Submission” and Me Too on “Lass is More”

Today we have writer-director Richard Levine on the podcast to talk about his new movie, “Submission.”  The film stars Stanley Tucci as a professor who pursues a relationship with a student and quickly finds himself going to a very bad place.  It is film which, Levine tells us, he’s been working on for years but… Read More

Movie Review: “The Chamber” (2018)

The Ben Parker written and directed film, “The Chamber,” is not for anyone with a fear of enclosed spaces. Much of the film’s 87 minute runtime is devoted wholly to a small group of people on board a no-longer-top-of-the-line submarine in North Korean waters on a mission that is going very badly. Without spoiling anything… Read More

Movie Review: “Game Night” (2018)

Movie trailers can be deceiving. To watch a trailer for the new film, “Game Night,” one might think that they were being setup to see a middling comedy, something with a few chuckles no doubt, but also with much potential left unfulfilled. Nothing could be further from the truth. Directed by John Francis Daley &… Read More