Movie Review: “Mary Shelley”

We all like to have explanations, to understand where people are coming from.  This is certainly the case with a biopic – they afford the opportunity to get to know, even if in fictionalized fashion, how an author came up with their ideas and how their lives influenced their work… or vice versa. What director… Read More

“Lass is More” isn’t Beguiled by “The Beguiled”

There are so many pieces that go into creating a movie or a TV show.  So many moving parts.  So many little tiny things that have to be worked out in order for the affair, as a whole, to be as strong as possible.  Sometimes though one element is overpowering, eliminating everything else in its… Read More

Movie Review: "20th Century Women"

It feels like this year in general, and this time of year in particular, is the right moment to ask ourselves a question about what constitutes a family. I would argue—as I believe I have previously—that family isn’t simply something defined by genetics and the law, that one can make their own family. Sure, that… Read More