“Grease” is the Word… or is it?

For its 40th anniversary, “Grease” has gotten a pretty spiffy new Blu-ray edition.  The real question though is whether or this classic movie musical is something best relegated to the dustbin of history or if it is still as slick as ever. Oh, certainly, there are some undeniably great moments, but there are some that… Read More

“Lass is More” Contemplates “Saturday Night Fever” & “The Red Turtle”

We here at “Lass at More” are proud to launch another giveaway, this time for “Saturday Night Fever.”  Check out the details and enter here.  I wrote about the movie once for college… the T.A. didn’t consider my work brilliant.  I considered it a fun piece… still do. Also on today’s podcast we have a… Read More

Movie Review: "Life on the Line" (2016)

People have dangerous jobs and telling the story of someone with a dangerous job can make for an exciting, enlightening, dramatic film-going experience. Or, it can feel a little like pandering to that group. “Life on the Line” feels more like pandering than anything else. Throughout the film, which is directed by David Hackl, the… Read More