Movie Review: “Isle of Dogs”

Wes Anderson is a filmmaker truly adept at crafting an image.  Every frame feels carefully composed, every camera angle considered. Watching a Wes Anderson film one gets the sense that they are truly witnessing his vision on screen and a story that is being told in the exact manner he wanted to tell it.  Whether the… Read More

“Lass is More” on the Other “Ghost in the Shell”

Earlier this year, as you may recall, we delved into the anime version of “Ghost in the Shell.”  Well, with the live action version now arriving on Blu-ray, the time has come for us to talk about this particular story — it is a movie which looks great but which finds itself lacking the story… Read More

Movie Review: "Sing" (2016)

If you have watched any of the trailers for “Sing,” you have been, as you would be for any movie, conditioned to expect certain things from the film. In this case that’s a whole lot of animated animals singing pop sings new and old. Wouldn’t it be great if that’s what “Sing” actually was? I… Read More

"Lass is More" Opens "The Jungle Book"

What if the audience growing tired of sequels wasn’t to blame for this summer’s filmic woes?  What if the sense that fewer reboots and remakes would have made everything better both at the box office AND on the screen is wrong? We suggest you look no further than “The Jungle Book” as evidence that audiences… Read More

Movie Review: "Hail, Caesar!" (2016)

I love movies about movies. Is that because I love movies in general or because I like the whole meta nature of it or, perhaps, both? Whatever the case may be, tell me I’m gong to watch a movie about making movies and I’m in. Now tell me it’s a Coen brothers movie and I’m… Read More