Movie Review: “Ready Player One”

I will say right up front that I have two very distinct sets of feelings about “Ready Player One.” The first of these notes how much fun it is to sit there and point out each and every visual in the film that borrows a character or an idea from my youth.  Steven Spielberg’s work here,… Read More

“Office Christmas Party” Party Like It’s 5pm on a Friday Giveaway!

Will wonders never cease?  Last week, as you may recall, we launch our second giveaway (we’re giving away a couple of blu-ray copies of Martin Scorsese’s “Silence“).  Now, today, merely one week later, we’re launching our third!  Oh yes, it’s true, starting today you have a chance to win one of two prizes in our… Read More

Movie Review: "Office Christmas Party"

The more I watch Kate McKinnon on television and in movies, the more convinced I am that she is going to be here making people laugh for years to come (and the happier I am about that fact, too). She seems to throw herself into her roles with a singular devotion, committing to every part… Read More