Does “Red Sparrow” Sing or Squawk?

On today’s podcast we look at Jennifer Lawrence’s “Red Sparrow,” which is out on Blu-ray now.  The movie, which is based on a book by Jason Matthews, has the distinct sense of an old school, John Le Carre Cold War novel, but it’s (kind of) been updated for the present day. How does it all… Read More

One from the Shelf: “The Shining”

I can’t say exactly how it is that I’ve lived 40 years without ever having watched “The Shining,” but when the Stanley Kubrick classic’s number came up for “One from the Shelf” I was delighted.  Trepidatious, but delighted. Would it live up to the hype?  Could it possibly be that good? The film holds such… Read More

In Which my Eyes are Dilated and I Watch “I, Tonya”

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor (no, mom, nothing is wrong, just a regular old eye exam and, yes, mom, everything was fine). Naturally, the eye doctor dilated my pupils and thereby made it exceptionally difficult for me to focus on things at close distances. Things that were big and far away were easy… Read More

Notes from a Writer: The Idea Man

I regularly worry about ideas. I don’t know where they come from. I don’t know how to find them. Once I have one, I can develop it, I can expand upon it, but it’s that initial, “Oh, here’s an idea” thing that I find tough. Reviews can be hard to write, but at least there’s… Read More

007(x3) Weeks of 007 #24 – "Spectre"

“Spectre.” It is what 007(x3) Weeks of 007 has been buildings towards. One James Bond movie a week for 23 weeks. The good, the bad, the ugly. The trends, the changes, the consistencies. The friends, the villains, the henchmen. The cars, the gadgets, the clothes. The rewatch couldn’t have worked out better, and it couldn’t… Read More

007(x3) Weeks of 007 #23 – "Skyfall"

The time has come on 007(x3) Weeks of 007 for “Skyfall,” the last entry of the rewatch and the second-to-last entry overall. Tonight, I see “Spectre” and the plan is to post that review Thursday (if all goes well). Actually, “Skyfall” is the perfect movie to end the rewatch on because it is, beyond a… Read More

007(x3) Weeks of 007 #22 – "Quantum of Solace"

This is it, or almost it, the third to last entry in 007(x3) Weeks of 007, a series that will end next week with two entries, one on “Skyfall” and one on “Spectre.” First though we have to work our way through “Quantum of Solace,” Daniel Craig’s second outing as everyone’s favorite superspy. You want… Read More