Is There an Upside to “Downsizing?”

Alexander Payne’s “Downsizing” arrives on Blu-ray this week and with that arrival we have some important questions to ask.  Chief amongst these is why exactly does the film take a sharp turn to the bad after it starts off so well? The answer to that may be obvious, but it is a question worth asking… Read More

Movie Review: “Downsizing”

There is a genius of an idea within “Downsizing,” the new movie from Alexander Payne (“Sideways,” “The Descendants”), which he directs and wrote with Jim Taylor.   Starring Matt Damon and Hong Chau, this is the tale of people who have been—either by choice or force—shrunk to just a few inches tall. We get to see… Read More

Movie Review: "The Great Wall" (2017)

Matt Damon leads the cast in Zhang Yimou’s Chinese fantasy film, “The Great Wall,” which is opening in theaters this week. And, if it seems like an odd choice to have Damon lead a cast in a movie about monsters attacking China that’s because it is. Beyond the story, the cast and crew is largely… Read More

Movie Review: "Jason Bourne"

Imagine, if you will, our hero, a superspy who just wants to learn the truth. He doesn’t know all of his own history and every time he learns something new, the world around him crumbles just a little bit more. But now, now is his chance to finally get the answers he deserves. All he… Read More

"The Martian" has Landed… or Will Soon

Some movies just amaze you, they blow you away.  It doesn’t really matter if you’ve seen something else kind of, sort of, almost like them before, they just make it work. Case in point, Matt Damon’s “The Martian.”  Or, maybe, it’s Ridley Scott’s “The Martian.”  Scott certainly directed it and if we follow generally accepted… Read More