"The Martian" has Landed… or Will Soon

Some movies just amaze you, they blow you away.  It doesn’t really matter if you’ve seen something else kind of, sort of, almost like them before, they just make it work.

Case in point, Matt Damon’s “The Martian.”  Or, maybe, it’s Ridley Scott’s “The Martian.”  Scott certainly directed it and if we follow generally accepted auteur theory has to be given the credit for it, but it’s Damon’s portrayal of the lead character who makes the whole thing sing.  You can listen to someone else read my IGN review below (or click that link to read it yourself), but the upshot of it all is, “Wow, is this good.  Sure, there are issues, but wow.”

It feels like every couple of years there is a film which cries out to be seen on the biggest screen available, and this year, that’s “The Martian.”  From the incredible Martian landscapes to the scenes in outer space, it just works on the big screen and, perhaps oddly as I don’t really enjoy it generally speaking, in 3D.

As an aside and to follow-up on my earlier piece, I did not end up taking my daughter, not because I thought it would be inappropriate, simply because it was going to mean she got home too late on a school night.  I totally look forward to showing it to her in the near future.

Anyways, listen (or read) and enjoy.


photo credit: 20th Century Fox

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