There are things in this world which I wish I understood better than I do. Regularly finding itself at the top of this list is the way other people’s minds work.

I see the world through a certain lens, one shaped by genetics and experience. Other people with other experiences (and other genes), see it differently. That is great, it’s what makes the world a diverse and interesting place. Often, I can put myself in someone else’s shoes (or try to) and get a better idea of where they’re coming from. It is when I can’t that I become perplexed, but that’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this piece.

There was a moment on last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice” where the women were discussing Kevin Jonas going up against Geraldo Rivera in the boardroom. The women came to the decision that it was a mistake for Kevin because Trump wouldn’t want to fire Geraldo.

It was this moment of clarity from a show that regularly provides none. Not getting fired on “Celebrity Apprentice” isn’t about doing the best job, or even the least bad job, it’s about gaming Donald Trump. Getting to hear the women say that they understood the show and the way they should play was great.

Geraldo absolutely deserved to be fired, he was a hindrance during the task on more than one occasion. Had he actually focused on what he was supposed to do, had he been a part of the meeting with the Neat folks, he might have known that he needed to include the cloud line. But he didn’t participate in the meeting, he was far more interested in purposefully being obnoxious.

So, there was the boardroom showdown between Kevin and Geraldo. A smarter/more ruthless Kevin could have gotten Ian Ziering fired. Trump tried to make that clear, but Kevin was too nice of a guy to do that, and that left Kevin as the only choice.

Now, I could be wrong when I step into Trump’s mind, but having watched every season of the show, here’s what I think was, broadly, going on under all that hair – “I do like Geraldo, and he seems to be just the sort of big personality that is going to cause conflicts and get people talking. On the other hand, Kevin is young and has oh-so-many twitter followers, a percentage of whom will only tune in if Kevin remains on the show.” Trump then weighed the odds and fired Kevin, just as the women believed he would. He didn’t want to, he wanted to fire Ian, but he didn’t have a choice.

I will say right now that I don’t think Geraldo can win. He is being setup as the guy who gets called into the boardroom on a fairly regular basis, with the rest of his team (even after the teams get rejiggered) explaining how Geraldo hurt the process of completing the task. Eventually, after increasingly annoying (to the viewer) outbursts, Trump will have no choice but to can Geraldo. But, that wasn’t last night, that is an episode down the line. I won’t say at this moment who I would put my money on, I haven’t quite seen enough yet, but I would place a bet that Geraldo doesn’t win.

The interesting question now is if the women, having correctly noted that Kevin would lose the battle, are savvy enough to realize that Geraldo’s days are numbered if they keep pushing. I hope so, it would show a level of knowledge about the series that I think the players are sometimes lacking.

photo credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC