"Lass is More" talks with Salma Hayek’s "Everly" director, Joe Lynch

Up today on our second “Lass is More” podcast of the week is an interview with Joe Lynch, the director of Salma Hayek’s latest movie, “Everly.” If you have sought ought reviews of the movie, you’ve probably seen a lot of talk equating it with “Die Hard,” and in truth there are some similarities, mostly a group of baddies and a confined location. Everly though is not John McClane, even if both are searching for redemption.

But, we don’t really get into that in this discussion. Instead, you’ll hear us talk about just how they went about developing the story while making sure they never veered away from that single location confinement.

Expect another “Lass is More” minisode next week as we delve into that most quintessential of ’80s movies, “The Breakfast Club.”

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