"Lass is More" Revisits "Chappie" for its Blu-ray Release

Part of being a critic, just like being a creator of a piece of art, is putting yourself out there.  People have no problem telling you if they think you’re wrong.  But, there is no point in being upset about that, you open yourself up to it when you offer your opinion.

That doesn’t worry me when I write a review — people have said terrible things about my thoughts and opinions before and assuredly will again.  What does sometimes keep me up at night is self doubt.  It isn’t a question of whether or not other people are right about something, but what if I am wrong.

This week’s “Lass is More” minisode is me expressing my fears about “Chappie” prior to rewatching the film.  I liked it when I first saw it, but what if I was wrong? (spoiler alert: I wasn’t)

photo credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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