Sometimes when you watch a movie, you’re not sure what to make of it. Welcome to “Welcome to Me.”

It is funny, it is serious, it makes you feel and think and then… it ends and it does so without character growth; without really seeming to care about what happens to the characters at all.  This last bit is moderately ironic as Alice, the main character, doesn’t care about anyone either and the movie, purportedly, is concerned with her learning that maybe she should.

This week’s “Lass is More” looks at the movie, contemplates what we should feel, and wonders if Will Ferrell (a producer on the movie) and Kristen Wiig are carefully conducting some sort of experiment to see how people react to their various endeavors. We don’t mention the black, silent, helicopters we believe to be out there, watching us at all times, but that’s only because their presence goes without saying.

photo credit: Alchemy