More than once I have had a colleague look at me and say, “Really, that’s what bothers you about the movie?”  The intimation is not that my complaint is incorrect just that it’s a relatively small issue in comparison to other things the movie has going on.  My answer, invariably, is, “Yes.”

In “Ted 2” I’m terribly troubled by the route they take from NY to Boston as it somehow involves two lane roads.  In “National Treasure” that climactic scene where the sun shines on a certain spot at a certain time of day drives me up the wall (the sun not shining on the same spot at the same time on different days of the year).

Then, there’s “Danny Collins.”  Here is a fun movie with some serious moments but nothing terribly dark until one terribly miscalculated moment.  And that moment is the focus of today’s “Lass is More” minisode.

photo credit: Bleeker Street Films