"Lass is More" Talks to "Strangerland" Director Kim Farrant

Happy Tuesday!  And, as it’s Tuesday, we have another episode of “Lass is More” for you.

This week we’re talking to director Kim Farrant.  Her new new movie, “Strangerland,” is out in select cities and stars Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, and Joseph Fiennes.  It is the story of a couple (Kidman and Fiennes) with two kids who have recently moved to a new city.  Soon enough, the kids go missing and the couple frantically searches for them.

Obviously, the fear of losing children is something with which many folks around the world can sympathize, but other part of “Strangerland” are uniquely Australian.  The discussion with Farrant, amongst other things, delves into that balance and whether it was a consideration while filming.

Take a listen, subscribe to the show in iTunes, and feel free to tell all your friends about us.

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