I could come here every week and say, “No, this week’s episode of ‘Lass is More’ is really great, it’s interesting, it’s informative, and more. I promise you’re going to like it.” But, if I did that eventually you’d stop believing me about it.

I, obviously, like every episode I put out, if I didn’t like an episode I’d hide it away forever, but obviously there are going to be ones that are better and ones that are worse. This one, I promise you, is one of the better ones. Austin Stark, the writer-director of “The Runner” has spent a whole lot of time thinking about this movie and why he structured it in the manner he did, and we really get at some of those things this week.

So, sit back, relax, and learn all about “The Runner,” which stars Nicolas Cage and hits theaters this Friday, August 7th.

photo credit: Alchemy