It may not have come out on video this week, but “Love & Mercy” is still worth talking about.  It isn’t just that it’s a great Beach Boys biopic, it’s a great biopic in general.  It manages to offer something quite separate from what we normally see in such a film.

We get two different men playing co-leads in the film, both as Brian Wilson, just at different points in his and the film cuts back and forth between the two.  Rather than being jarring or confusing, it works wonderfully.  And, while “Love & Mercy” may look at two very specific moments in the musician’s life, it still manages to make us feel as though we know his story.

Whether or not you’re a lover of the Beach Boys or music in general, if you just want good filmmaking, good acting, and a different sort of biopic from what you’re used to, this one is worth checking out.

But don’t take my writing of this opinion as all you need to know, click play below and listen to me say similar things… but differently… and more… and better.  Please.

photo credit: Lionsgate Home Entertainment