Today’s Lass is More looks at the end times, or at least an end times or two postulated in a couple of this summer’s crop of blockbusters that have recently arrived on Blu-ray and DVD.

I think it’s actually pretty funny, “Tomorrowland” hypothesizes its own failure at the box and the massive success of “Jurassic World.”  Well, maybe funny isn’t the right word.  Is ironic?  Is ridiculous?  Is sad?  Depressing is certainly accurate but doesn’t necessarily encapsulate the full idea.

How does it do that?  Why does it do that?  Is it purposeful?  Listen, those are answers you’re only going to get by clicking play on the podcast down below or subscribing (and listening) on iTunes.  I am not able to give you all the big answers here, if I did you wouldn’t listen.

So, do click play.  Do listen.  Do subscribe.  Do contemplate.  Do go out and watch “Tomorrowland” (and “Jurassic World” if you haven’t seen it yet).  “Tomorrowland” isn’t brilliant, but it is smart.

photo credit: Universal Studios Home Entertainment/Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment