"Lass is More" Offers one More Look at Horror

Well, Halloween is tomorrow and apparently there were some folks out there not quite thrilled with my take at a horror discussion earlier in the month.  Consequently, I’ve gone and picked out three other horror recommendations… and this time they are three movies that I enjoy as opposed to three different takes on villainy, two of which I wasn’t big on.

Not only that, but I spend a few minutes this week trying to reconcile my repeatedly stated hatred of horror with my enjoyment of these movies.  How is it that I can say I don’t like such films if I’m also saying I like such films?

That question is not an easy one to answer and it’s something that I’m going to consider pondering through the holiday and on into next year.  It is actually a question I’ve been cogitating on for many a year, and I’m not through yet.

But, listen, enjoy, and remember, horror doesn’t have to be scary.

photo credit: Shout! Factory

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