On the surface, these two movies look pretty different.  Sure they both have Luc Besson as the man at the wheel and they both feature Gary Oldman, but one of these movies is a small story about a small-time hitman and a young girl.  The other features the potential end of all humanity and a far more grand scale.

But, when you look at them, both Besson movies work for the same reason — a focus on creating interesting characters, and not just Oldman’s (even if he is great).  Character is what makes a movie work.  If you don’t find anyone on screen in a film remotely interesting, you’re going to have trouble enjoying the movie as a whole.  Character is essential.  Character is why both “The Professional” and “The Fifth Element” work.

Want more thoughts on the specifics of the characters in question (as well as one big failure of the new Blu-ray releases)?  Click play below.

Photo credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment