Lass is More is Disappointed with "Good Dinosaur," but not "Minions"

Sometimes it feels like Pixar has sprinkled magic dust over our memories.  Their name seems synonymous with great animated fare, but as of late they’ve been more miss than hit.  Yes, “Inside Out” is fantastic, an utterly brilliant movie but “Monsters University” and “Cars 2,” two of the three releases before “Inside Out” are not.  Their latest, “The
Good Dinosaur,” is much more of that mediocre variety than it is “Inside Out.”

There was a moment when you could say that Pixar maybe (outside of “Toy Story”) didn’t do a great job with sequels, but everything original was spectacular, I think “The Good Dinosaur” ends that streak.  What I’d much rather watch a second time is “Minions,” the third entry in that universe.  It isn’t brilliant, it isn’t even the best movie in the “Despicable Me” universe, but it’s fun in a way that “The Good Dinosaur” isn’t.

Sure, you may think I’m tripping on berries tell you this, but I assure you, I am not.  “Minions” is out on Blu-ray next week, save your in theater movie going experience for something better than “The Good Dinosaur” and just get “Minions” instead.  Click below and “Lass is More” explains it all in greater detail…

Photo credit:  Universal Studios Home Entertainment/Disney-Pixar

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  1. Minion fans will probably enjoy the film, but for others, the slapstick silliness may be too much.


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