“Lass is More” Talks Acting with "Dementia" star Gene Jones

As much as I may regularly say this, I think today’s episode is really fantastic.  It features Gene Jones, the star of “Dementia,” which is currently in theaters.

Listening to the show you will hear an actor talk about the character he played with such detail and thoughtfulness that it’s a delight.  Jones exhibits one of the things that I most want when talking to an actor — a deep knowledge and consideration of his character and that character’s motivations.  I do find questions that Jones hasn’t specifically thought about, but knowing the character as he does, he’s able to stop and think about it and come up with a great answer.

The episode ends with discussion of how Jones goes about preparing for, and then acting out, a role.  It is about how he approaches a part and, as with the discussion of “Dementia,” Jones is able to really explain his process, where he’s coming from, and show just how much time and consideration he gives to these things.

photo credit: IFC Midnight

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