Funnily enough (in my world anyway this is funny), the last piece on this blog is a rather negative review of an Ice Cube-starring movie.  Now, for the podcast, we have a rather good movie about Ice Cube.  Yup, on this week’s Meanderings it’s “Straight Outta Compton.”

Naturally, I don’t think the movie is everything that it could be and rather than simply focusing on the great points I, as I tend to do, harp on the negative.  This particularly negative I refer to as a “that could never happen to me” moment.  It’s the bit in the movie where you, the audience, identify something that is going to be a huge problem before it becomes one and say to yourself, “that could never happen to me.”

Here’s the thing — of course if could happen to you.  The problem is that the movie has just failed to portray the moment in a believable way, not that you (or I) couldn’t be duped into making the mistake.

Listen to the podcast, I explain it all.

photo credit: Universal Studios Home Entertainment