"Lass is More" on Relationships, "Chi-Raq," "Meet the Patels," & "Burnt"

It seems incumbent as February rolls around that we talk a little bit about relationships and there are three different films hitting Blu-ray/DVD today that work into that discussion beautifully — “Chi-Raq,” “Meet the Patels,” and “Burnt.”

These movies look at different sorts of relationships and do so to greater and lesser extents. I’ll tell you right up front that I think “Chi-raq” may be the best of the movies, but that “Meet the Patels” struck more of a chord with me.  Hopefully that separation — best movie vs. bigger effect on me as a viewer is clear, but even if it isn’t, accept that both of these movies are well worth considering.  “Chi-Raq” is definitely more provocative and perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but I think it shows Spike Lee in top form.

As for “Burnt,” well, I recommend you stay from it.

photo credit: Alchemy/Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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