"Lass is More" Watches "Crimson Peak" but not on a Massive TV

How much does the size of one’s television influence their enjoyment of what they’re watching?  Surely it plays some role.  The room one is watching in plays a role, the seat one is utilizing does as well.  The less there is to take away from the focus of what’s on screen the better they can experience it.

Television size has to play, just as does television quality, image quality, and sound.  An improved technical presentation may not make a bad movie good, but it may make it better.

On today’s podcast we discuss what Pythagoras tells us about television size and a movie with incredible visuals and a lackluster story, “Crimson Peak.”  But, as the visuals are just so fantastic, if they were watched on a larger screen would the issues with the story be less noticeable?  I think they would.

photo credit: Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures

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