It is wholly unintentional, I assure you, but today’s podcast again has to do with love.  Seriously, as we approach Valentine’s Day I would have tried to avoid it if I had thought about it, but I didn’t and hear it is (was it subconscious?  who knows).

Up on today’s Meanderings we discuss Lily Tomlin’s turn in “Grandma.”  As you may recall, Tomlin was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance, but I think it’s more than an awards worthy turn.  I think it’s a life worthy one.  We all deserve someone in our lives like Tomlin’s Elle Reid.  No, Elle’s not perfect–far from it–but she loves her family deeply and is fiercely protective of them.

Plus, is she a little like my grandmother?  Perhaps she is.  Not in every way (certainly not in dress), but in some.

I wonder now how many people watch the film and see a relative of theirs in her portrayal…

photo credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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