Last week, Josh spent some time on the phone with Mitch Dickman, the director of the upcoming documentary, “Rolling Papers,” which is available in theaters and on demand on this Friday, February 19th.  A long discussion, we have opted to break it into two parts, with the first part available right now and the second on Friday.

The documentary heavily features Ricardo Baca, an editor at The Denver Post and The Cannabist who manages The Post’s coverage of marijuana and has since legalization took place.  Baca is also on the line for this interview, and offers some great insights into the best journalistic ways to cover such a momentous occurrence.

Please note, neither “Lass is More” nor Josh is taking a stand on the legalization of marijuana one way or the other with this interview.  It is our job to examine the documentary, its presentation, and the issues it raises, not to wade into the overarching discussion itself.

Photo credit: Alchemy