As you may recall, earlier this week we gave you the first part of our “Rolling Papers” interview.  It featured the director of the marijuana legalization documentary, Mitch Dickman, and the editor of The Denver Post’s cover of marijuana, Ricardo Baca.

Today, in the second portion of the interview, we go one-on-one with Baca.  The journalist offers his thoughts and experiences on several different aspects of both the documentary and the legalization effort as a whole.  Particularly interesting is Baca explaining just how different government agencies have had to work through sets of rules over the course of legalization (specifically addressing a question in the documentary about parents getting high with children in the house).

While there are no easy answers, Baca certainly gives thoughtful, well-considered ones.  He offers a depth and breadth of knowledge that show why The Denver Post’s coverage he leads has been so successful.

“Rolling Papers” is in theaters and on demand today.

photo credit: Alchemy