"Lass is More" Thinks "The Big Short" Comes up… Short

If you ask me–and you’re reading this so there’s a fair probability that you do–as good as “The Big Short” is, it still is missing something.  The Oscar-winning movie does a great job at getting people all riled up (I don’t see anyone watching and not getting riled up) but it doesn’t offer them any direction for their anger.

For a movie that wants to show the inside of this whole thing (“this whole thing” being what led to the banking/mortgage crisis in 2008), it fails to show the bad guys on the inside of this whole thing.  It offers good performances and is organized in fun fashion, but it just can’t figure out how to tie it all up.

I just don’t know how you end the movie the way these guys end the movie.  It doesn’t matter if no one went to jail, the movie needs to offer up an idea of who should’ve gone to jail.  Without that, it just comes up short.

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