Sometimes movies are easy to define — it’s a comedy, it’s a drama. Sometimes they’re basic combinations of these things — it’s a horror-comedy, it’s a dramedy. Other times, it can be much more difficult.

So, when I talked to Jay Lender and Micah Wright about “They’re Watching,” a movie the men wrote and directed together, my first question was about genre. They’re answer was a little surprising and it was just the first of many surprises during the conversation.

Rather than giving you some sort of long, drawn-out introduction where I tell you everything that you’re going to hear or spin the interview in one way or another, let me just suggest you click that play button below and have Jay and Micah tell you their story. The men are both well spoken and creating entertainment across multiple media is clearly something they enjoy.

“They’re Watching” is in theaters and on demand this Friday, March 25.

photo credit: Best Served Cold Productions

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