"Lass is More" Talks "One More Time" with Writer/Director Robert Edwards

Christopher Walken is one of those people who is instantly identifiable simply from his voice and its cadence.  Can you perhaps imagine Walken as a crooner, a Frank Sinatra-esque lover of ballads.

Writer/director Robert Edwards certainly was able to imagine it and Walken stars in Edwards newest film, “One More Time,” as an aging crooner looking for a comeback and dealing with his family including eldest child Jude (Amber Heard).  It is a perfect fit and Edwards tells us how much he altered the screenplay once he had Walken in the role.
Oh, but the chat goes way beyond just Walken’s performance, getting into the music itself, and why Edwards did this movie which may have been outside his comfort zone.  Edwards has worked on documentaries and “One More Time” premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival (under the name “When I Live my Life Over Again”), so we were even able to add in a question about Edwards’ response to the “Vaxxed” controversy at this year’s festival.
Listen to what he had to say about it all below.

photo credit: Starz

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