"Lass is More" Reminisces About "Return of the Living Dead" and USA’s "Up All Night"

It is in our very nature for us to want things from bygone days. It would take a wiser mind than mine to know precisely where that sort of desire comes from, but I am smart enough to recognize it.

Today’s example is my wishing for the return of USA’s “Up All Night,” which were a bunch of interstitial bits that they tossed between three movies the network would show on Friday and Saturday nights. Were it back on the air, I undoubtedly wouldn’t watch “Up All Night” on anything resembling a regular basis. But, I miss it nonetheless. “Up All Night” introduced me to great (and terrible) B-movies, movies that I would have never otherwise seen, movies which spurred me on to watch still more things.

I don’t know that we live in an era when that sort of interstitial is possible anymore, but I do think it would be great to have someone, somewhere show moves uncut and interrupted only for ludicrous jokes or other weird things. Wouldn’t it?

photo credit: Scream Factory

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