It is in our very nature for us to want things from bygone days. It would take a wiser mind than mine to know precisely where that sort of desire comes from, but I am smart enough to recognize it.

Today’s example is my wishing for the return of USA’s “Up All Night,” which were a bunch of interstitial bits that they tossed between three movies the network would show on Friday and Saturday nights. Were it back on the air, I undoubtedly wouldn’t watch “Up All Night” on anything resembling a regular basis. But, I miss it nonetheless. “Up All Night” introduced me to great (and terrible) B-movies, movies that I would have never otherwise seen, movies which spurred me on to watch still more things.

I don’t know that we live in an era when that sort of interstitial is possible anymore, but I do think it would be great to have someone, somewhere show moves uncut and interrupted only for ludicrous jokes or other weird things. Wouldn’t it?

photo credit: Scream Factory

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