"Lass is More" Talks to Alan Eustace About Being "14 Minutes from Earth"

Meet Alan Eustace, the main subject of the Tribeca Film Festival selection, “14 Minutes to Earth.”  Eustace was a Google executive who decided that he was going to ride a balloon into the stratosphere, detach himself from it, and fall to Earth.  We know, it sounds vaguely crazy, but being a Google executive, and by all accounts an intelligent person, Eustace put together a team and they worked out how to do it and have Eustace live to tell the tale.

On today’s podcast, Eustace takes us through how the entire project came about and, perhaps more interestingly on a filmic level, how he perceived things differently than the film crew/those on the ground during a test jump.  During that test jump, the documentary makes things out to be quite dire and, as you’ll hear, Eustace didn’t feel that way–there were backup systems in place–but the documentary operates based on the perceptions of those looking for Eustace after he has landed, not Eustace himself.
Take a listen…
photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

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