"Lass is More" Enters the "Death Race 2050"

The newest “Death Race” movie, “Death Race 2050” is out on Blu-ray today (you may recall our piece from New York Comic-Con on the panel for the film) and it harkens back to the original film, “Death Race 2000” and not the more recent updates.  This means that it is a return to the silly, over-the-top style of that Roger Corman classic.

What it also means is that it gets us here at “Lass is More” thinking about what it means to enter that sort of a campy realm and whether it can sometimes be used as a shield to cover up mistakes in the film.  Beyond that, there’s a question as to whether the message it’s trying to impart is in fact a message it’s actually trying to impart of if it’s simply there as a head fake.

Sadly, there may not be any good answers, but a lack of good answers in no way means that we shouldn’t be asking the question.  In fact, the questions may be more valid.

photo credit: Universal Pictures

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