I don’t know everything (my wife will be very happy I’ve said this, the sad thing is she doesn’t read this site and therefore won’t know that I’ve said this… therefore, let’s just keep this secret between us, okay?), but I’m willing to learn.  For instance, I learned a bit of Ecclesiastes the other day. Wait, no, I’m wrong (boy, the wife would love that as well), I didn’t learn the bit of the book, I learned that the bit was in the book. That is, I knew the phrase but didn’t know its origins. Now, I do, and I can say that unless the internet has failed me, the phrase I use in the podcast is from Ecclesiastes.

That really isn’t germane though. What matter is knowing what the phrase is, how it relates to the great “The Edge of Seventeen,” and why any of that matters.

For those answers, however, you’re just going to have to hit the play button below. Fun, right?

photo credit: STX Productions