“Lass is More” on “Ghost in the Shell” and a “Silence” Giveaway

The new version of “Ghost in the Shell” opens on the big screen this week and that means that the 1995 animated film is getting (another) blu-ray release.  That version is really quite an interesting film, and well worth watching.

This is not a condemnation of the new movie which we haven’t seen as of this writing.  In fact, this week’s podcast is all about how we shouldn’t just an idea by the fact that it is a cover.  That is, we need to hold in check any knee-jerk reaction that says “book ‘x’ shouldn’t be turned into a movie,” or “you’ve already made a movie with that character, why make another.”  No, whatever the new thing is, it has to be looked at for its own merits, not how we feel it may be endangering our childhood or just because it’s been done before.

Deep breath…

This week on the podcast we’re also announcing a new giveaway, and it’s for Martin Scorsese’s “Silence,”  We have two Blu-ray copies to give out, so find all the details and enter here.

And now, click play below and give a listen.


photo credit: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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