“Ben 10 vs. the Universe: The Movie” vs. Inertia

Just because you haven’t seen something already, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start watching.  Then again, it doesn’t mean you have to start watching either. How do we make those choices about what to see and what to tune out?  What do we learn by watching something new and different?  These are the questions which came to the fore this past week as my son and I sat down to watch the new “Ben 10 vs. the Universe:  The Movie.”

Both of us were aware of “Ben 10” before, but neither had seen any episodes.  What did we think?  What did we learn?  Will we be watching any more in the future?  Does having watching the show mean a change in our viewing habits?

Listen.  Learn.  And, importantly, don’t forget to subscribe.

photo credit: Cartoon Network

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