What’s in a Name: “The Godfather, Coda”

We don’t mind saying it — Shakespeare was wrong, names matter.  Fine, you want to say it was only Romeo who was wrong, we’ll say that, too — it was only Romeo.

Now, Francis Ford Coppola may approach this accusation in the new introduction for “The Godfather, Coda:  The Death of Michael Corleone” (or, if you prefer, “Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, Coda:  The Death of Michael Corleone”), but we’ll come right out and say it.  Names affect things, even if it’s only our perception.

See, you’ve never even heard of this “Godfather” movie and that’s because it’s a rejiggered version of “The Godfather Part III.”  Names matter and so does what’s put on screen.  Listen as we discuss that fact on this week’s podcast.

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photo credit:  Paramount Home Entertainment

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