“‘Til Kingdom Come” and Interesting Alliances

Would you work with people who most definitely believe that you’re either going to have to change your religion or burn?  I don’t know that I would (although that would be “change your lack of religion” in my case).

Director Maya Zinshtein and producer Abraham Troen are here this week to talk about their new documentary, “‘Til Kingdom Come,” which looks at an Israeli philanthropic organization and Christian Evangelicals in this country from whom they take money.  It is an exceptionally intriguing film and very possibly infuriating (depending on your views on hypocrisy).

Take a listen to how Zinshtein and Troen learned what is taking place, what the two groups think of each other, and don’t forget to subscribe. We’re available download at Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioAmazon Music/Audible  and more.

photo credit:  Abramorama

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