Getting to Know “Biomutant”

Up today on the podcast we have the first of two planned installments on the video game, “Biomutant.”  A post-apocalyptic role-playing game, “Biomutant” allows you to wander about a destroyed version of our world as a… well, a kind of a rabbit-y/fox-y mutated thing.  You can wield guns and swords and toilet plungers and stuff in order to take out other creatures.  The goal?  To help save the world, naturally.

Now, this is the first of two podcasts we’re going to do on “Biomutant” because we want to start the discussion about the title even if I’m not done playing the game.  That is, I’ve put in 30 hours or so and consequently have a good handle on what the game is and how I feel about it, but without seeing those credits roll, it can’t be said that I’m done going through it.

Essentially, this is what makes an open world RPG great — you can spend hours and hours wandering about doing things.  There are tasks everywhere and “Biomutant” definitely offers a wonderful sense of progression as you do things.  You’re constantly stumbling on new missions and regularly leveling up and comign across new items that you can use to craft armor and weapons (which is no small part of the game).

No joke, I have spent a few hours in the game just flipping through the crafting menus and doing my best to build the best armor and gear.  More than once, I’ve found that while the stats for a gund are great, it just doesn’t fire the way I want and I’ve gone back in and reworked it or just sold it to the next merchant I came across.  Somehow though, that wasn’t an unsatisfying experience, just working the crafting optens in “Biomutant” can pull you in.

Video games can be expensive propositions on the consumer end, easily running to $60 or $70.  If I were spending that much money on a game, I’d want something I could happily sink dozens and dozens of hours into — a bang for your buck kind of proposition.  Thirty hours into “Biomutant,” and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, so it’s a success at that level.

Click play below to listen and we’ll talk more about it.  Expect another “Biomutant” episode in the weeks to come and don’t forget to subscribe. We’re available download at Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioAmazon Music/Audible  and more.

photo credit: THQ Nordic

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