A Little Shouting About “Scream”

Okay, fine, Halloween was last week.  We admit that, but also refuse to accept a world in which we can’t discuss a horror movie in November.  Heck, the fifth “Scream” movie–which is not so cleverly titled, “Scream”–is being released this coming January, and that’s not particularly close to October.

Consequently, this week on the podcast we’re going to look at the original “Scream” movie, which graced the big screen 25 years ago and is now out on 4K.  We talk about some of what works, the titling of the new movie being silly, and just how scared I was of this first film in the series when I saw it.

So, click play below to hear it all and don’t forget to subscribe.  We’re available download at Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioAmazon Music/Audible and more.

photo credit:  Paramount Home Entertainment

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