“The King’s Man” and How I’m the Problem

The third entry in the “Kingsman” franchise, “The King’s Man,” is now out on Blu-ray and digital.  To say that I’m disappointed by it is both true and yet somehow misses the mark.  Yes, what we have here is another example of a franchise that I want to be great but which seems to not want that for itself.

To examine things more thoroughly, today we’re setting aside what the intent might be on the part of the filmmakers and taking a look at the impression the movie offers.  That impression?  Well… we’re not entirely convinced that there was any sort of desire to make this movie a “Kingsman” movie, at least not beyond the ways in which it sets up the next movie in the franchise.

When we pair this idea with the fact that we know we’ll see the fourth if/when it is released, we kind of become the problem, don’t we?

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photo credit: 20th Century Studios

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