Some Television Basics

Due to having a full-time job and my family commitments I can’t watch as much TV as I like (hence my wanting to review for a living), so what follows is what I plan on watching this fall (not including various HBO, FX, USA, Sci-FI, TNT, and other cable series which my TiVo grabs for me and I get up early on the weekends to watch). It is far more abbreviated than I would like, but gives you some idea of who I am and where I’m coming from:

Sunday: The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, & Football (if there are teams I’m interested in)
Monday: The Class, How I Met Your Mother, 24 (when it returns), & Studio 60
Tuesday: Friday Night Lights (still debating this one), Veronica Mars, & Boston Legal
Wednesday: Jericho (or should it be 30 Rock, I’m torn), Lost, & Kidnapped
Thursday: My Name is Earl, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, & ER
Friday: Las Vegas
Saturday: maybe one day networks will program stuff on this night again, as for this season it truly is a vast wasteland.

Now, as I said, this is my abbreviated schedule, when I had more time there were shows for every hour of primetime (and sometimes more than that). This schedule also fails to take into account the fact that Scrubs and The Apprentice will be back and that Kidnapped may get cancelled quickly (I’ve already slotted in The Nine in case that happens).

But as for the summer and summer TV, my schedule is far more restricted. I’m limiting myself to: Treasure Hunters, Hell’s Kitchen, old episodes of Veronica Mars (I’m just starting to watch that and so find myself playing catch-up in order to be ready for next season), and tons of cable series (Rescue Me, Entourage, Blade, Eureka starts tonight, Monk, Psych, The 4400, and a few others).

There really is good TV out there (not that everything listed above should necessarily be considered “good.”) and people that say there isn’t are pushing an agenda of their own. Throughout history new forms of entertainment have been thought of as crass, lewd, unnecessary, and simply not as good as older forms. When first introduced novels were thought of as light fare and infinitely inferior to poetry. But if you go back to ancient Greece, Plato stated that he would banish all poets from his ideal republic because they would diminish it. It takes time, an indeterminate amount of time, for the new to take hold.

The push and pull between the established and the new will continue indefinitely, change comes only with some upheaval and upset. Someone will always win and someone will always lose, and everyone is territorial.

The moral of the story is that everything, to some extent, is redeemable, except for those people that insist that some things aren’t.

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