I will avoid any silly statements about SciFi finding the right program (and any comments that they may have made upon finding it), but the numbers for the first episode of Eureka seem to indicate that the new series will be successful. Apparently the numbers for the show were better than that of some broadcast networks during the same time period. Having watched the show I found it quite enjoyable. It certainly has a good cast, lots of interesting characters, and seemingly a lot of potential storylines.

But, that was just the first episode, and the first episode is always a little bit tough to judge by. The rest of the first season could end up being a complete disaster (not that I think that will happen, just that it’s possible). One has to see where the creators will take us. Will the individual storylines of each episode be compelling? Will the overarching season long story continue to develop in interesting ways? Certainly this first episode was interesting enough that people will come back for another one (not as many of course, but that is simply the way of the world).

One of the reasons Eureka seems to work is the ready-made set of eccentric supporting characters. In a town of super-geniuses there’s always bound to be something weird and different lurking in a corner of the town with a heretofore bit-part character that can be explored for an episode (and I’m sure that was part of the pitch). And, as a viewer, I look forward to seeing what happens in those lurking corners.

I’ll be back for trying to get such a look next week, even if Maury Chaykin isn’t a regular on the show (and damn it, he should be).

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