Eliminations and a Follow-up

Last night on Treasure Hunters the Fogals, deservedly, got eliminated.

And, ironically, the man of God got eliminated in a church. Seems as though someone smited someone that allegedly works for them because they lied, cheated, stole and otherwise acted in bad faith on a reality show.

Apparently the Good Lord doesn’t appreciate his employees ruining his reputation.
On the flip side, Hell’s Kitchen has been renewed for another year (and we all know by now that I’m thrilled with that). Seriously reader (I know there’s only one of you), Gordon Ramsey is absolutely fantastic and you should definitely be watching this show.

The recurring, actually “never-ending” is probably more appropriate, question is why we, as a society, enjoy watching these shows. Not having a psychology nor sociology degree I won’t truly delve into that here, save to say that it has always been thus (feeding Christians to the lions, etc.).

What I do actually want to discuss is a brief follow-up to yesterday. I talked to people at my office (I did not initiate the conversation nor steer it in this direction) about The 4400. There were several people that all said that they enjoyed the show whenever they “found” it, but that in general they had no idea when it was on. And these people, mind you, are industry folks. So if people in the television industry have trouble finding programs what hope does the average individual have? If the schedules of cable and broadcast networks made sense a TiVo and/or a map wouldn’t be required. Sadly though, this is not the case.

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