Hell’s Kitchen Finale

I spent two semi-precious hours (let’s be honest with each other, my time is important but not THAT important) of my time yesterday watching the Hell’s Kitchen finale. All the while I was rooting for Heather to win but completely convinced that of the two finalists she was the only one that stood any sort of a chance. Virginia might have a great palate, but there is no way, at least from how the show was cut, that she should have won. And that brings me to today’s rant…

…The finale was simply not that exciting because the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

They have to have tons of footage that they could use and writers to help the whole thing work into a nice story arc, so why was the tension not ratcheted up for the end? Why did the entire series unfold as Virginia being bumbling and completely inept in the kitchen. I can only assume that the race was never truly that close to begin with. They did make a big point of Virginia being able to win the various challenges that were held, but she found herself on the chopping block on a regular basis.

Perhaps they did everything they could to make it look as though this were a real contest, and that while Heather appeared on TV as being head & shoulders above Virginia in actuality Heather was head, shoulders, torso, waist, legs & feet above Virginia. In which case kudos to the writers and producers for making the thing look as close to a contest as they did.

Some might quibble with the fact that both seasons of Hell’s Kitchen have ended with two actual chefs as the final two contestants instead of one of the other random contestants, but I think that makes absolute sense. There is a skill set involved, and a lot of experience required, in order to be able to do what these people do, so its not surprising that those with a background in it rise to the top. I know, I know, people in our world don’t like this sentiment, but not everyone can do everything, different people have different skill sets and some things actually require innate talent AND experience.

But, on the upside, we are all special deep down inside.

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