The Emmys

I can’t imagine what I could possibly add to the coverage of last night’s Emmy Awards, which much to my chagrin I did in fact watch. I say “much to my chagrin” because I typically don’t enjoy watching award shows, but Conan was hosting so I figured I might as well check it out (Conan is a funny man after all). He didn’t let me down, nor did Stephen Colbert who, with Jon Stewart, was hysterical when presenting. Though, there clearly was a way to get “truthiness” into the bit, which they opted against.

The progression of the show seemed to run smoothly, despite various camera glitches, and wardrobe malfunctions. I will say that the in-segment Ipod & smartphone (was it a Treo?) commercial that they aired was not only in poor taste, but ill-conceived and inane. All it did was to highlight how small the screens are on portable devices and how difficult it actually is to watch TV on them. Of course, maybe I’m entirely wrong and it was genius. Were the Emmy folks (or would it have been NBC) smart enough to realize that not only could they get loads of money for showing a product during the telecast, but they could at the same time show exactly how inadequate the product is in comparison to their own fare? Did someone realize that they could not only show-up Apple but also take some of Apple’s cash at the same moment? Nah, not possible, it was just poorly produced.

So, outside of some funny and some sad (pathetic), it was a relatively uneventful show. I do believe that there ought to be some sort of higher threshold necessary for an Emmy win for a departing television series. You can’t just hand out an Emmy because a show was really good for a number of years, then kind of coasted but you’re feeling nostalgic for the olden days. It is hard to regulate that sort of thing, and while everyone that won did do a good job, there may have been some favoritism for the departing.

But, if those are the worst complaints about the telecast and “oh my lord, why did it have to take 5 hours” isn’t there, I’d call it a success. I’m just sad that we’ll have to wait another 4 years before Conan comes back.

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