Dear Reader,

A quick check of the archives here indicates that I’m semi-rapidly approaching my 100th piece here on the site in just over 6 months. It seems like a good moment to stop, take a breath, reflect, and ask you a few questions.

There is a notion (I won’t argue it’s veracity) that on the internet, “content is king.” The idea being that a good site, with good information, will draw eyeballs (that’s you). In the absence of a vast marketing machine, large amounts of advertising dollars, and a famous spokesperson, people will still be able to find a website through web searches that contains information/articles that interest them and that should the content of the site be well-written and the sight be navigable, people will return in the future. Let us proceed with the assumption that this statement is, nominally, true.

I wonder if this doesn’t have to be, to some extent, a two way street. Sure, the articles need to be presented well, written well, and findable, but they also need to be what people are looking for, they need to be what people want to read. This brings me to my main question for you: what is it that you want to see here? Should there be a heavier emphasis on film? Should there be a heavier emphasis on television? There have been a couple of forays into the world of pc/video games, are those too off-base? There are have been several pieces that are far more opinion than review, how do those sit with you?

Seriously, I kid you not, I want to know. You’re here. You’ve taken the time to read even this letter. You must have an opinion. About a month ago the site was “tweaked” and now there are some Google ads present, no pop-ups, nothing that intrusive, but they’re there. Do they bother you, do they hinder your reading articles?

What are your thoughts on the site as a whole?

Either post a comment or shoot me an e-mail.

I can’t promise that everything you suggest will be taken into account. I can promise that everything you write will be read and considered.


TV & Film Guy

24 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. Surely the easier stuff – setting reminders and alarms, and firing off text messages – could be handled locally? This would be a great help when driving home with no mobile signal and trying to send a hands-free message (“I'm running late!”) to a spouse.


  2. Thanks for the best was very useful for me.keep sharing such ideas in the future as well.this was actually what i was looking for,and i am glad to came here!


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