Feldman and Haim: The Coreys are Back in Action!

What you will find below is a review of The Two Coreys, A&E’s new
“reality” show. Should you be really curious about what you missed you can find a recap of the double episode that aired last night over on
Zap2it’s blog.

What is this weird obsession people have with the 1980s? Were they really that fantastic? The music? The jeans? The hair? Really? The Coreys? Really!?

Well, at least it’s not all back I guess, but the two Coreys are. Last night, their new show, shockingly entitled The Two Coreys, launched on A&E with back-to-back episodes. Why exactly they are back I can’t fathom, but apparently, at least fleetingly, they are.

Corey Feldman is allegedly able to make a living as an actor full-time, and certainly has a nice house. Corey Haim on the other hand is unemployed and, we’re told, clean and sober (his jitteriness calls that into question). Feldman is married, Haim isn’t. Wow, it’s like The Odd Couple; I guess that’s why The Odd Couple theme music plays at the opening of the show along with an Odd Couple-esque introduction.

If I mock, it’s not because I dislike it all, rather just because the whole thing is so terribly silly. These two guys were teen heartthrobs for about a minute and a half back in the mid- to late-’80s. Feldman is still friends with Haim, but seems to want to be able to have a career outside the Corey thing. Haim, on the other hand, sees this reunion as a chance for the two Coreys to have a new lease on a career and stardom. I can’t imagine it being a success.

Even Feldman’s appearance of wanting a career outside of the Corey thing has to be called into question though because, after all, he is doing this show. Hypothetically, he may just be helping out a friend, but I think he’s pretty invested in the Corey thing still. He may be working as an actor, but it’s not like he’s getting parts in big movies. My guess is that he is just acting nonchalant about the entire endeavor in case it doesn’t pan out. He doesn’t want to look like he was really into it and have another thing flop.

It doesn’t take long for their biggest hit, The Lost Boys, to be brought up. There’s a poster of the film prominently placed on Feldman’s wall which Haim happens to break when he smacks it (why he smacks it is another question entirely). And, by the second episode, they’re attending a 20th anniversary screening of the film and talking about a sequel. Well, Haim is talking about a sequel, Feldman is much more ambivalent about it. Haim actually wants to write the sequel with Feldman (and possibly that other brother from the film, too). They both seem to want to make sure the whole thing is “done right.” Certainly the two Coreys writing the sequel belies the notion of doing it “right,” but I digress.

At first, Feldman’s seeming ambivalence to the whole thing is weird. As it turns out, he’s acting strangely about it all because he already knows that a direct-to-video sequel is in the works and the two Coreys aren’t invited (Feldman was actually, he was offered a cameo but turned it down). This turn of events breaks Haim’s heart (and, presumably, his dreams).

As train-wreck television goes, if you were ever interested in the two Coreys, you will probably like the show. It seems highly edited and some of the goings-on appear as though they were set up ahead of time, but it is an interesting diversion for the voyeur in you.

The Two Coreys airs Sunday nights on A&E.

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  1. Lost Boys = their biggest hit? Really? For me, the quintessential Corey Haim + Corey Feldman film was and will always be, _License to Drive_. But then, in 1989, when that gem came out, I was a 13 y.o. girl — pretty much the target demo.I like mocking and derisive TV & Film Guy Josh better than buttoned-down Josh Lasser over on zap2it.


  2. I would say that there’s a difference between their “biggest hit” and most “quintessential” movie.Should zap2it allow me to do reviews there will be more mocking and derision than I can put in a recap. Though, I think I manage to squak some mocking and derision in over there.


  3. Well, we’ve no found out why the show seemed staged and set up in advance…Feldman himself has revealed that the show is scripted and was filmed in a rented house in British Columbia just for the six week shooting of this series. He called it an improv/reality/sitcom type of show.I just wonder who that chubby actor is that is playing Corey Haim 🙂


  4. Hey, mock the Corey’s as much as you want… At least they’re trying to make a difference….http://www.feldmanhaim08.com


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